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Here are some of the books I edited alongside testimonials
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Catrin Russell — Epic Romantic Fantasy Author

Worked with her on:
The Light of Darkness series, including prequel novellas

Forged by Blood

"I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Dana. She has been an essential part of my personal growth as an author, and with my Light of Darkness series, she has been there from start to finish. Her ability to keep track on the smallest of details, even across the span of a series, is astounding, and the support she offers knows no bounds. The love Dana has for stories, big and small (including those behind them), shows through in her work as an editor. She is both meticulous and ruthless, but carries a heart of pure gold."

Tirza Schaefer — Contemporary Romance Author

"Dana takes your book's manuscript, a diamond in the rough, and shapes it into the most flawless, sparkling stone that is worthy of a king's crown. She has the talent to enhance your writing while staying in your style and encouraging you to shine."

Stjepan Varesevac-Cobet — Fantasy/Sci-fi Author

"Dana's work is professional and she pays close attention to every detail in the text. Communication with Dana is outstanding during editing and she is available for mutual correspondence when correcting text on books. I am very happy with her editing and my books now look the best as they can be. Working on editing with Dana was a pleasure because she corrects every detail in my books that I have by some chance missed as a writer of my book."

Jayne Lockwood/Lady Jaguar — Romantic Suspense Author

Worked with her on:

No Limits

Ties That Bind

"This is the first time I’ve worked with Dana, and it definitely won’t be the last. I loved the process from start to finish, and my writing has definitely been enhanced as a result. Dana has a keen eye for detail and continuity. Her suggestions were on point and showed a great understanding of the genre I write in. She was efficient and very approachable when I had questions and I look forward to working with her again!"

Moriah Blackwood — Alien Romance Author

Worked with her on:

The Marriage Bargain

"Dana was wonderful to work with. Despite the time difference of being in two different continents, she kept up excellent communication. She had a good eye for finding plot holes, discrepancies, and inconsistencies—even tiny ones! She also helped tighten my book by pointing out repetitiveness, which I specifically asked her to do. She had wonderful insight and was fair with her constructive criticism while also offering positive feedback. I would definitely recommend her as an editor and plan to use her again in the future."

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