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Editing services are provided here for books in the following genres: fantasy, romance, children's literature, women's fiction, mystery, thriller and action.
My editing price
$0.013 per word

1 thorough round of editing + 1 cursory look at implemented edits.

$0.025 per word

2 thorough rounds of editing.

The price includes Developmental Editing, Structural & Substantive Editing and Line Editing.

All of them together as a package deal. 

A sample of your work will be required for the final price to be set.

The first 1500 words are free of charge!

What services do I provide? 

Have a look below and see what I offer for each type of edit in part.


Here is where I look at the big picture. In other words, everything from pacing to character development, plot, subplots, timeline and dialogue. Flow and consistency, plot holes, or lagging pace, as well as the general quality of writing as a whole - they will be all checked as part of this editing process.

Are you missing any key details? Do you need to cut something out?


Here is where chapters or scenes will be tightened, paragraphs deleted or rewritten and extra details added in, all to preserve the flow of the story, while taking into account your own personalised style and tone.

Structural &
Substantive Editing

Here is where I look at structure, content, and flow of your prose, not only as whole but also at paragraph and sentence level, to ensure that it makes sense and it reads well. 

I won’t actually change your plot, but will let you know what doesn’t work and why, leaving suggestions for you to consider, or requests for clarification or changes. When something doesn’t seem to make sense logically, scientifically or from a reader’s point of view.

You don’t have to accept those suggestions if you don’t want to. They are just examples and it is your book. What you do need to keep in mind however, is what doesn’t work and why and fix it.

I do not try to change the voice of an author but strive to enhance it. So I’ll tell you what’s wrong and suggest a way to fix it, but will encourage you to build on my suggestions and fix what’s wrong your own way.


Line editing is often used interchangeably with the term copyediting, however, it is not quite the same.

Some professionals divide copyediting and line editing into two separate edits and I am one of them.

While copyediting refers to fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation, Line editing provides a more intense look at sentences and their meaning.

As part of this editing form, I will look at your book line by line and sentence by sentence, analysing word choice, strength, flow and meaning. I will check the syntax and rephrase when needed, trim, tighten or expand to make your prose sing.

Note that you will get all the above in the package deal.

If you choose 1 round of editing at $0.013 per word, you get an extensive edit and feedback that includes both notes on the text and an editorial report. You implement the edits and send the manuscript back to me for a cursory check.

If you choose 2 rounds of editing at $0.025 per word, the second round is just as extensive as the first.

The price is fixed as such, but it may vary slightly. A tad lower if your manuscript is clean, or a tad higher if it requires a lot more work, or your deadline is very tight.

I do not provide mechanical editing, which is usually included in copyediting. That refers to the application of a particular style, such as The Chicago Manual of Style or Associated Press (AP) Style. My services do not include it.

I do look at punctuation, spelling and abbreviations, but don’t specifically check for capitalization and style rules. That is something you will have to do yourself, or with the help of a proofreader, after my work is done.

Interested in a quote? Or in a sample edit?

Don't hesitate to contact me! 

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